Today: 100 Years of Genocide International Student Conference

100 Years of Genocide
International Student Conference
University of Minnesota
Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Room 25
April 24, 2015

excerpt:As we approach the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, the Human Rights Program, the Institute for Global Studies, and the Ohanessian Chair will be hosting three days of events to commemorate this centennial.  More at

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After The Fact: The Holocaust In Twenty-First Century Documentary Film. Prager, Brad, 1971- Paper 2015
Brief Stop On The Road From Auschwitz; Trans. By Sarah Death. Rosenberg, Goran, 1948- Cloth 2015
Speaking The Unspeakable In Postwar Germany: Toward A Public Discourse On The Holocaust. Boos, Sonja, 1972- Paper 2014
Human Remains And Mass Violence: Methodical Approaches Cloth 2015
God, Faith & Identity From The Ashes: Reflections Of Children And Grandchildren Of Holocaust Survivors. Cloth 2015

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Auschwitz: History, Liberation, Analysis

On January 26 the University of Minnesota’s Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies is marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz with an event at the Weisman Art Gallery. Please visit their page for details and to make reservations for the event, which is open to the public.

The University of Minnesota Libraries provide important research materials and continue to add new books and content related to Auschwitz, its history, liberation and analysis.  We welcome visitors to the Libraries, and offer reference resources in online, print and various media.  The selected resources in the bibliography linked below offer a starting point for research exploration:

Auschwitz: History, Liberation, Analysis: AuschwitzBIBLIOGRAPHY2015 (pdf)

Titles added October-November 2014

Communicating Awe: Media Memory and Holocaust Commemoration. Mayers, Oren / Ebook 2014

Destruction and Human Remains: Disposal and Concealment In Genocide And Mass Violence Cloth 2014

Forgotten Trials of The Holocaust. / Bazyler, Michael J Cloth 2014

Hitler’s First Victims: The Quest For Justice.  Ryback, Timothy W / Cloth 2014

Jewish Histories of the Holocaust: New Transnational Approaches / Cloth 2014

Outlawing Genocide Denial: The Dilemmas of Official Historical Truth. Lewy, Guenter, 1923- / Paper 2014

Spanish Attitudes Toward Judaism: Strains of Anti-Semitism From the Inquisition To Franco and the Holocaust.; Trans. By Abramo Ottolenghi. Kuznitzky, Adolfo /Paper 2014

Recent acquisitions in Holocaust and Genocide Studies July-Sept 2014

Alex’s Wake: A Voyage Of Betrayal And A Journey Of Remembrance.        Goldsmith, Martin, 1952-       Ebook            2014

Assimilated Jews In The Warsaw Ghetto, 1940-1943.           Person, Katarzyna       Cloth    2014

Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery; Trans. By Jarek Garlinski.     Pilecki, Witold Ebook  2012

Auschwitz, The Allies And Censorship Of The Holocaust.      Fleming, Michael        Ebook  2014

Beyond Violence: Jewish Survivors In Poland And Slovakia, 1944-48.           Cichopek-Gajraj, Anna, 1974- Cloth            2014

Children Of Separation And Loss: A Memoir.            Pollitt, Gertrude          Paper   2014

Coming Of The Holocaust: From Antisemitism To Genocide.            Kenez, Peter    Ebook  2013

Eichmann Before Jerusalem: The Unexamined Life Of A Mass Murderer; Trans. By Ruth Martin. Stangneth, Bettina            Cloth    2014

Ethics Of Witnessing: The Holocaust In Polish Writers’ Diaries From Warsaw, 1939-1945. Brenner, Rachel Feldhay, 1946-Cloth 2014

Forging Shoah Memories: Italian Women Writers, Jewish Identity, And The Holocaust.     Lucamante, Stefania            Cloth    2014

Genocide On The Drina River.            Becirevic, Edina          Cloth    2014

Gestapo: Power And Terror In The Third Reich; Trans. By Charlotte Ryland.           Dams, Carsten            Cloth            2014

Grandchildren: The Hidden Legacy Of “Lost” Armenians In Turkey              Cloth    2014

Holocaust Consciousness In Contemporary Britain.   Pearce, Andy, 1981-    Cloth    2014

Holocaust: Memories And History                  Ebook  2014

Jewish Kapo In Auschwitz: History, Memory, And The Politics Of Survival.   Friling, Tuvia   Paper   2014

Jewish Resistance Against The Nazis              Paper   2014

Literature Of The Holocaust               Paper   2013

Magda And Andre Trocme: Resistance Figures         Trocme, Magda, 1901-1996   Cloth    2014

Metamaus: A Look Inside A Modern Classic. Spiegelman, Art          Cloth    2011

Mothering The Fatherland: A Protestant Sisterhood Repents For The Holocaust.    Faithful, George, 1979-            Cloth    2014

Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 And The Final Solution In Poland.       Browning, Christopher R            Paper   1997

Postwar Jewish Displacement And Rebirth, 1945-1967                     Ebook  2014

Rhetoric Of Genocide: Death As A Text.        Voth, Ben, 1967-         Cloth    2014

Unwanted Legacies: Sharing The Burden Of Post-Genocide Generations.    Wagner, Gottfried      Cloth    2014

Vanished History: The Holocaust In Czech And Slovak Historical Culture.    Sniegon, Tomas           Cloth    2014

Violins Of Hope: Violins Of The Holocaust –Instruments Of Hope And Liberation In Mankind’s Darkest Hour.            Grymes, James A        Paper   2014

Warburg In Rome.      Carroll, James, 1943-  Cloth    2014

Books ordered for Holocaust and Genocide Studies 7/10/2014

Books ordered July 10, 2014:

Children of Separation And Loss: A Memoir. Pollitt, Gertrude Paper 2014

Literature of The Holocaust   Paper 2013

Magda and Andre Trocme: Resistance Figures     Trocme, Magda, 1901-1996   Cloth        2014

Mothering The Fatherland: A Protestant Sisterhood Repents For The Holocaust. Faithful, George, 1979-  Cloth 2014

Popularizing Anti-Semitism In Early Modern Spain And Its Empire: Francisco De Torrejoncillo And The Centinela Contra Judios (1674) Auth: Univ.                Soyer, Francois  Cloth 2014

Price Of Escape. Unger, David Paper     2011

Vanished History: The Holocaust In Czech And Slovak Historical Culture. Sniegon, Tomas Cloth 2014


Ebooks Ordered July 10, 2014:

Alex’s Wake: A Voyage Of Betrayal And A Journey Of Remembrance. Goldsmith, Martin, 1952- Ebook 2014

Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery; Trans. By Jarek Garlinski. Pilecki, Witold Ebook 2012

Auschwitz, The Allies And Censorship Of The Holocaust. Fleming, Michael Ebook 2014

Coming Of The Holocaust: From Antisemitism To Genocide.       Kenez, Peter         Ebook     2013

New online resource: Atrocities, Massacres, and War Crimes – in GVL

Atrocities, Massacres, and War Crimes  (2013)  is a new online title within the Gale Virtual Reference Library.

This title is not yet  listed in the Libraries Catalog; to find it on the menus, go in through the Databases A-Z on the left side of the Libraries home pageJust remember to log in! Once inside GVRL, click on  History – and  the other categories may have titles of interest, so have fun browsing!

New Books on Holocaust and Genocide Studies



Bringing The Dark Past To Light: The Reception Of The Holocaust In Postcommunist Europe Cloth   2013

Commemorating The Holocaust: The Dilemmas Of Remembrance In France And Italy. Clifford, Rebecca Cloth 2013

Days In The History Of Silence; Trans. By Anne Bruce. Lindstrom, Merethe Paper              2012

Fire In The Ashes: God, Evil, And The Holocaust Cloth 2005

Holocaust As Colonial Genocide: Hitler’s ‘Indian Wars’ In The ‘Wild East’. Kakel, Carroll P., 1947-   Cloth        2013

Holocaust Intersections: Genocide And Visual Culture At The New Millennium Cloth       2013

Holocaust Mothers & Daughters: Family, History, And Trauma. Clementi, Federica K       Paper       2013

Hunt For The Jews: Betrayal And Murder In German-Occupied Poland.              Grabowski, Jan       Cloth        2013

Israeli Holocaust Research: Birth And Evolution; Trans. By Agnes Vazsonyi.Cohen, Boaz, 1958-        Cloth        2013

Mark Of Cain: Guilt And Denial In The Post-War Lives Of Nazi Perpetrators. Von Kellenbach, Katharina Cloth 2013

Mediation At The Holocaust Memorial In Berlin. Dekel, Irit Ebook 2013

Multiplicities Of Memories In Contemporary German Literature: How Photographs Are Used To Reconstruct Narratives Of History. Jones, Susanne Lenne Cloth 2013

One Family’s Shoah: Victimization, Resistance, Survival In Nazi Europe. Lindenberger, Herbert Paper             2013

Perceptions Of The Holocaust In Europe And Muslim Communities: Sources, Comparisons And Educational Challenges. Cloth 2013

Persecution Of The Jews In The Netherlands, 1940-1945: New Perspectives Paper 2012

Phantom Holocaust: Soviet Cinema And Jewish Catastrophe.              Gershenson, Olga   Paper 2013

Primo Levi: The Matter Of A Life.          Lang, Berel Cloth    2013

Stranger In My Own Country: A Jewish Family In Modern Germany. Mounk, Yascha, 1982- Cloth 2014

Victims And Executioners: American Political Discourses On The Holocaust From Liberation To Bitburg. Kampmark, BinoY Paper 2013


 Archiving The Unspeakable: Silence, Memory, And The Photographic Record In Cambodia. Caswell, Michelle Paper 2014

Beyond The Banality Of Evil: Criminology And Genocide. Brannigan, Augustine, 1949- Cloth 2013

Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger, And A Forgotten Genocide. Bass, Gary Jonathan Cloth 2013

Genocide And International Relations: Changing Patterns In The Transitions Of The Late Modern World. Shaw, Martin, 1947-   Paper 2013

Genocide, Risk And Resilience: An Interdisciplinary Approach Cloth    2013

Genocide: A Reader  Paper    2014

Hidden Genocides: Power, Knowledge, Memory  Paper      2014

Plight And Fate Of Children During And Following Genocide cloth       2014

Violence In War And Peace Paper 2  004

War Crimes, Genocide, And Justice: A Global History. Crowe, David M., Cloth 2014


Britain, Germany And The Road To The Holocaust: British Attitudes Towards Nazi Atrocities.       Wallis, Russell            Cloth    2014

Concentrationary Memories: Totalitarian Terror And Cultural Resistance                          Cloth        2014

Genocide As Social Practice: Reorganizing Society Under The Nazis And Argentina’s Military.; Trans. By Douglas Andrew Town. Feierstein, Daniel, 1967-Paper           2014

Holocaust Memory Reframed: Museums And The Challenges Of Representation. Hansen-Glucklich, Jennifer Paper 2014

How Could This Happen: Explaining The Holocaust.             Mcmillan, Dan        Cloth        2014

Searching For Schindler: A Memoir. Keneally, Thomas         Cloth    2007

Teaching, Learning, And The Holocaust: An Integrative Approach.      Tinberg, Howard B Paper       2014

Thinking And Killing: Philosophical Discourse In The Shadow Of The Third Reich. Segev, Alon    Cloth    2013

Under The Heel Of Bushido: Last Voices Of Jewish POWs Of The Japanese In The Second World War.     Sugarman, Martin Cloth    2014


Two titles not yet published – I will buy on the new year’s budget in July

Remembering Genocide / Editor: Nigel Eltringham   Cloth  2014

Rwanda 1994: The Myth of the Akazu Genocide Conspiracy And Its Consequences. Collins, Barrie Cloth 2014